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Simoncelli Was Killed Due To An Injury On The Chest, Neck And Head


Marco Simoncelli was eventually declared dead after an accident involving himself in the Sepang circuit. Earlier, though his condition is reported to have been aware of the critical. Injuries in the head, neck and chest finally killed him.

Description of the medical team said when outlining the causes of death of Marco Simoncelli. Medical Director Dr. Michele Macchiagodena mentions, Simoncelli was killed due to injuries in the head, neck, and chest.

"I am very sad to be here to tell you about the death of Marco Simoncelli because of severe accident caused by another driver, there is a trauma to the head, neck and chest," said Macchiagodena in a press conference at the Sepang circuit, the week (11/10/2011).

"When our team until he was unconscious. When the ambulance arrived, he immediately given CPR and also get other standard treatments. The CPR continued to be provided for 45 minutes because it could help her. Unfortunately it can't help him. He died at 16.56 (local time, red), "he said.

A press conference that lasted six minutes and was also attended by Javier Alonso (Dorna Events Managing Director), Franco Uncini (Safety Delegates), Claude Danis (Safety Commission President), and Paul Butler (Race Director).

Malaysia MotoGP race itself must eventually cancelled linked to an accident on the second lap involving Marco Simoncelli and Colin Edwards.

As reported earlier, Sunday (23/10/2011), the crash occurred when motor skidded sideways when central Simoncelli cornering.

Bad luck for Simoncelli, he collapses in the middle of the path. The effects, he was hit by Colin Edwards who was behind it. Red flag was hoisted and the race was halted.

Valentino Rossi also was hit by the outbreak of a collision of the two drivers. However, Rossi who had slipped out of the track, it looks just fine

Until this news was revealed, Simoncelli, who helmnya until detached due to collision, still getting treatment from a medical team.

Honda Gresini Rider was previously rumored to Eurosport in a State of conscious, but his condition is critical enough to finally was reported killed. Meanwhile, Edwards suffered a dislocated shoulder.