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Motorcycle-Smart-Key Fails New Ducati

"Recall Expected in May", As if motorcycling isn’t nerve-racking enough, Ducati unintentionally added one more reason to sweat when jumping on your bike.

Widely considered by enthusiasts across the globe as the Ferrari of motorcycles, Ducati has scheduled a recall of 1051 of its high-end bikes. The company has cited a potential issue with the electronic steering locks on some of its latest models, including the 2011 Ducati Diavel, as the main reason behind the move.


The brand new Diavel, along with the popular Multistrada 1200 bikes, from the 2010 model year, and the 2011 Multistradas, are among the Ducati motorcycles in question. Each motorcycle comes with an electronic “smart key” that allows riders to start the bike without ever physically handling the key – similar to the hands-free technology we find in luxury vehicles these days. Ducati states that, “under very specific conditions,” the bike’s engines can start without ever disengaging the steering locks, a function that is designed to take place automatically. This would allow riders to take-off into traffic without any handle on the bike – an obvious, well… problem.

2011 Ducati Diavel

Ducati certainly isn’t the first automotive manufacturer to execute a recall on one or more of its products. Fortunately for all of you who just spent $16,995 on your 2011 Diavel, $19,995 on your Diavel Carbon, or $20,395 on the Carbon “Red,” a simple software upgrade should fix this issue and have your motorcycle running as intended. These upgrades are expected to be provided by your dealer free of charge and owners may contact Ducati directly at 1-800-231-6696. The recall is expected to begin in May.

Source: http://www.execdigital.com/lifestyle/exec-toys/motorcycle-smart-key-fails-new-ducati-recall-expected-may


Adri said...

Funny how something so small can effect something so cool.

Carla said...

This is so small but very beautiful and cool. It has very cool functions.

Bikes in Pakistan said...

such a great bike with great style and it also have great suspension and handling power.