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Dorna Releases 2012 MotoGP Claiming Rule

FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix Decision of the Grand Prix Commission

The Grand Prix Commission, composed of Messrs. Carmelo Ezpeleta (Dorna, Chairman), Ignacio Verneda (FIM Executive Director, Sport), Hervé Poncharal (IRTA) and Takanao Tsubouchi (MSMA), in the presence of Javier Alonso (Dorna) and M. Paul Butler (Secretary of the meeting), in a meeting held on 30 April in Estoril (Portugal), unanimously decided the following (Changes in bold):

Immediate Application
1) Art. MotoGP Class
Sporting Regulations
b) Practice during the day following the Portuguese Grand Prix (Estoril). Practice during the day following the Italian Grand Prix (Mugello) or the Czech Grand Prix (Brno). Practice during 2 days immediately following the last Grand Prix (Valencia).
a) Any activity authorized by the Race Direction.

2) Art. 1.18 10
3 Minutes Before the Start of the Warm Up Lap - Display of 3 Minute Board on the grid.
Generators must be disconnected from tyre warmers and removed from the grid as quickly as possible.
In the 125cc and Moto2 classes, tyre warmers must be removed from machines on the grid.
At this point all persons other than two mechanics per rider in the125cc, and Moto2 classes, and three mechanics per rider in MotoGP, the person holding the umbrella for the rider, the TV crew of the host broadcaster and essential officials, must leave the grid.
The MotoGP riders must put their helmets on.
No person (except essential officials) is allowed to go onto the grid at this point.

1) 1MinuteBeforetheStartoftheWarmUpLap-Displayofthe1Minute Board on the grid.

Tyre warmers must be removed from MotoGP machines on the grid.
At this point, all team personnel except the mechanic(s) will leave the grid. The mechanic(s) will as quickly as possible assist the rider to start the machine and will then vacate the grid.

3) The Grand Commission has accepted the proposal of the MSMA for testing opportunities for machines eligible under the 2012 Regulations.

Machines Eligible under 2012 Regulations- "1000cc Machines".
During the 2011 season teams may test for a total 8 rider/days with their contracted riders. This will apply retrospectively for the 2011 season.

Application 2012 MotoGP Class Technical Regulations 2.2 Classes

2.2.1 The following classes will be accommodated, which will be designated by engine parameters:
MotoGP: Up to 1000cc - maximum four cylinders, maximum cylinder bore 81mm.

Four stroke motorcycles participating in the MotoGP class must be prototypes. Those that are not entered by a member of MSMA must be approved for participation by the Grand Prix Commission, and teams using such motorcycles may ask the Grand Prix Commission (hereinafter GPC) for the "Claiming Rule Team" (hereinafter CRT) status by December 31st of the year before the season they intend to race.

The GPC will reply to any CRT status requests within one month of receiving the official request. Approval of CRT status is subject to unanimity among all the members of the GPC, and CRT status is given only for one year at a time. The CRT status is approved by unanimous decision of the GPC in order to ensure fair competition, and based on the same consideration it can be withdrawn at any time by a majority decision of the GPC members. In case of CRT status withdrawal the GPC will inform the team at least one race in advance of CRT status being withdrawn.

The CRT status affects the requirements of engine durability (Article 2.3.7 FIM Grand Prix Regulations) and fuel tank capacity (Article 2.6.5). CRT's are subject to the Claiming Rule (Article 2.2.2) and must not represent any MSMA manufacturer, as defined solely by a GPC majority decision.

2.2.2 Claiming Rule: MSMA manufacturers have the right to purchase the engine of a motorcycle entered by a CRT immediately after a race, for a fixed price of:

20,000? (twenty thousands Euros) including gearbox/transmission, or 15,000? (fifteen thousands Euros) without gearbox/transmission.

A maximum of four engine claims can be made against one CRT in any one racing season. An MSMA manufacturer may not claim more than one engine per year from the same CRT (i.e. a different claimant for every claimed engine of the same CRT).

To lodge a claim under the Claiming Rule, an MSMA manufacturer must inform Race Direction in writing after the start of the race. In the case of more than one claim lodged against the same team, the claim lodged first will be recognised, and other claims dismissed. Provided that the relevant CRT has not already been subjected to the Claiming Rule four times that season, Race Direction will request the Technical Director to securely identify the used engine immediately after the race. The CRT must make that engine available at Technical Control within two hours after the identification, to be handed over to the successful claimant by the Technical Director. Race Direction will inform IRTA of the successful claim, and IRTA will ensure payment and receipt of the claiming fees between the two involved Teams.

2.3.7 Engine Durability

In the MotoGP class the number of engines available for use by each rider is limited to 6 engines per permanent contracted rider for all the scheduled races of the season.

The following exceptions will apply: Permanent contracted riders entered by an MSMA member participating in MotoGP for the first time since 2007; limited to 9 engines for all the scheduled races of its first season.

Permanent contracted riders entered by a CRT; limited to 12 engines for all the scheduled races of the season. If a CRT loses an engine due to Art. 2.2.2 Claiming Rule, an additional engine will be allowed in the affected rider's allocation.

The number of engines available for use by each rider using a machine entered by a CRT can be changed during the season by a majority decision of the GPC, with the aim of ensuring fair competition. The number of engines allowed after that point will be determined by the GPC, based on half the number of engines remaining in the CRT's allocation, numbers rounded up. (eg. 9 engines remaining /2 = 4.5, rounded up = 5 engines allowed)

Should a rider be replaced for any reason

2.5.1 The following are the minimum weights permitted:
MotoGP up to 800cc capacity motorcycle 150kg 801cc to 1'000cc capacity motorcycle 153kg

2.6.5 The fuel tank capacity limit in the MotoGP class is:

maximum 21 litres, for motorcycles that have not been entered by CRT's,

maximum 24 litres, for motorcycles that have been entered by CRT's. The maximum fuel tank capacity for motorcycles entered by CRT's can be changed during the season by a majority decision of the GPC, with the aim of ensuring fair competition. In defining fuel tank capacity.

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