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2012 Honda Gold Wing

American Honda Motor Company announced, that the new model of Super-GL1800 Gold Wing (2012 Honda Gold Wing) tourer in 2012 will be sold in the hands of this plan in the United States, then the retailer in May this year. Minor revisions of 12 see themselves primarily to the environment and pilot-style, leaving the 1832cc, horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine untouched, with the chassis, especially after the suit. Even the sound system on board with the new Gold Wing MP3 and iPod interface design for new surround sound system SRS CS Auto. Of all the pictures we have also seen that the problem was renovated in 1800 and now seems more rational and efficient. In particular, the Bank has developed a new side skirts that fly with the requirements of the latest Honda to mix and greater wind protection for the driver and passenger.


The Japanese automaker increased seat capacity 7.0 liter increase your total storage space of 150.0 liters. The models of non-Gold Wing airbag also includes a central storage pouch. The company also increased the fuel capacity of the vehicle from 6.6 liters to 6.7 liters. The 2012 Honda Gold Wing comes with an iPod plug n play. IPod/MP3 player interfaces with the bike through a connector in the trunk. The vehicle also features Honda Satellite Linked Navigation System with a display of bright colors. In that motorcycle riders can share their routes with their friends and other pilots with programming for sharing routes favorite ride. Now you can plan trip routes on your home computer and upload them into your Gold Wing’s available navi system, also share your trips with friends, or download routes from others (TripPlanner.Honda.com). You’ll also notice Navi improvements like lane guidance and junction view, and a new GPS receiver that captures satellite signals faster.


Honda doesn’t Although details of specific changes to suspension, a peek at the model sheet for 2012 shows that while the displacement of 4.1 inches of rear suspension remains unchanged from the previous model, the new wing sees a fall of 0.7 inches From 2009 -10 models of 5.5-inch travel fork at 45mm. The first opportunity to see the new Gold Wing GL1800 2012 my will to live International Motorcycle Show in Greenville, South Carolina, United States, 25 to 27 February 2011 and May 2011, will be available through Honda dealers abroad. The European version of the new GL1800 Gold Wing will be on sale in our market from the 2012 motorcycle season.


Bikes in Pakistan said...

I ever seen a bike with its one GPS system. Its amazing.

Carla said...

That's so cool from the specs to design. The GPS system looks so amazing, I love it.

RV Dealers said...

That's the hi-tech bike with all the latest technologies & gadgets. The special one is GPS system. I am not sure but I think this is the first bike with GPS system.