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2011 Beta 350 RR

Only one year after the launch of the RR line of Beta enduro bikes equipped with the first four-stroke enduro engine exclusively manufactured by Beta Motorcycle, the range is now enriched with a brand new model: the 2011 Beta 350 RR. The all new 350cc four-stroke project required a longer period of development as Beta's research and development ambitions went far beyond the idea of simple range extension. The goal was to create a modern 350cc four-stroke engine which combines the qualities of a 250cc four-stroke with the reliability of a larger displacement motor. Over a year of designing and extensive testing has gone into producing the potent off-road powerplant which brings with it tremendous potential. Light, flickable handling, excellent useable power and plenty of low-end torque on tap present an irresistible all-around package - a combination of features impossible to come by on a traditional 250 four-stroke motor.


A limited number of the 2011 Beta 350 RR's will be available on the U.S. market in April 2011 for an MSRP of $8499.00. Beta dealers are currently taking deposits for this limited production model. The 350 RR also qualifies for our B.Y.O.B. (Build Your Own Beta) program beginning on February 20th. This program allows customers to order their new Beta with a unique choice of accessories already installed.

Please see www.AmericanBeta.com for details on the B.Y.O.B. program as well as a complete listing of Beta Enduro dealers in the U.S. American Beta P.O. Box 4099 Paso Robles, CA 93447 805.226.4035

2011 Beta 350RR Key Features

-Wide, usable powerband with amazing peak power.
-Light handling and quick-turning prowess in tight conditions similar to a 250 four-stroke.
-Less exhausting power delivery compared to the bigger bikes, while also providing the extra low-end punch that is missing on smaller bikes.
-Accurate and sharp cornering provides excellent agility.
-Easy to modulate power and maintain traction in technical terrain.


-Engine main cases with high wall thicknesses at essential points for highest rigidity.
-Lightweight magnesium covers with high wall thickness at exposed points for best protection under rough and extreme conditions.


-Bore – 88mm, stroke – 57.4mm
-Compact crankshaft design along with minimized moving masses for excellent handling.
-Lightweight forged piston.
-Bowl-shaped piston dome for compact combustion chamber.

Balancer Shaft

-Balance shaft eliminates extra vibrations as well as reduces arm pump.

Cylinder Head/Timing Chain

-Titanium (unique to the 350 RR) four-valve DOHC.
-Reinforced camshaft bearing bridge – increased stiffness for less deformation of camshaft slide bearing under load. Results in more precise valve train function and improved working conditions for slide bearing.
-Reinforced valve spring retainer
-DLC-coated finger followers provide high stiffness and lowest oscillating mass (technology used in MotoGP and F1 race engines).
-Lightweight valve train design allows engine to rev up to 13,000 RPM.
-Extremely narrow valve angle (9°/11°) which results in an optimally compact combustion chamber.
-New timing chain guide with metal insert minimizes deformation under load and high temperatures for more accurate cam timing.
-Additional oil jet for timing chain provides optimum lubrication and reduces friction losses.


-Close ratio six-speed gearbox.


-Hydraulically operated multi-disc clutch.
-Reinforced clutch gear – higher stiffness reduces axial motion of clutch basket rendering improved reliability and clutch function.
-New clutch springs – high quality material resists high temperatures, minimized production tolerances for consistent spring force.


-Improved mapping for high spark energy and lower stator temperature.
-Dual ignition map function – CDI comes pre-programmed with a second mapping. With the optional map-selecting switch (factory accessory) the "soft" map can be activated.


-Two separate oil circuits for engine and gearbox.
-Total oil capacity: 1.6 liters.
-MSRP $8499.00


Bikes in Pakistan said...

Nice but as you said it takes lots of time to develop because it has many new features

john said...

very nice i want this motocicle

Carla said...

Looks so simple but in the same time so stylish. I love this one and I'd like to own one like this.