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motorcycle insurance quotes

there are some "motorcycle insurance quotes" if you need it someday. possible sites for the state function where you are, the advice from several sites such as "motorcycle.com, if you need insurance for your motorcycle, is a trusted website that you should visit is the following


1. GEICO Motorcycle Insurance
GEICO knows that not every bike and rider is the same. Your motorcycle insurance policy shouldn't be either! Whether you own a sport bike, cruiser, or standard, GEICO can give you a free online rate quote in just minutes. www.gelco.com

2. Leslie Kays Insurance
We combine our passion as insurance professionals and motorcyclists to provide coverage that meets your specific needs. We work longer, harder, faster and smarter for you through your adventures and misadventures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. www.lesliekays.com

3. Dairyland Cycle Insurance
Whether you ride a Yamaha or Harley Davidson; a Suzuki or a Honda, Dairyland Cycle has the motorcycle insurance coverage options and deductibles that can meet your needs and the payment options that fit your budget. www.dairylandcycle.com

Allstate Motorcycle Insurance
4. Allstate Motorcycle Insurance
You can save up to 40% on your insurance with Allstate. We've got over 600 Agent Riders who know what kind of discounts riders need. That's one reason Allstate now has more discounts than ever before. Talk with an Agent today to see how much you can save. www.allstate.com

Rider Insurance
5. Rider Insurance
Ride with Rider. Rider offers motorcycle insurance for IN, NJ, OH, PA, MD and WV. We're committed to providing "no hassle" service at the lowest rates possible! Call 1.800.595.6393 or go to www.Rider.com to get an instant price quote or purchase a policy. www.rider.com

6. Progressive Insurance
Protect your motorcycle with Progressive. We offer high quality coverage at very low rates. So you can get the protection you need and still have money left over to spend on important stuff. Like pipes. Now that's Progressive. Get your free quote today. www.progressive.com

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