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Back To Classic With 2010 Phantom EG

2010 Phantom EG
If you liked the classic design is its own story of the Phantom EG, follows a little history of the Phantom EG

Eighty years have passed since the last machine rolled out of the Phantom works.

(Letter from the founder-) "A motorbike is a thing of leisure and excitement. It is a toy for gentlemen (and ladies) with a taste for such things. In the case of the EG it is a very specific type of person to whom it is best suited. I believe the most suited person is one who knows something of the pioneering days of motorsport and feels a certain sense of resonance with that era. they seek more of a time machine, than a simple road machine. They seek a device that will not only take them down a leafy lane on a Sunday afternoon, but also back to an age of excited exploration and experimentation. And age where everything seemed possible with a measured application of the disciplines of engineering.

In that era, no machine was perfect. As a result, each one had a character that was unique and changed over time. It was also accepted that such machines gave the rider a new perspective on things -- once you had experienced high velocity travel, the normal pace of things seemed so sedate that an appreciation of everyday details was intensified. And when you next returned to that world of speed, the sensation was ever more dramatic.

People these days are exposed to such speeds in such comfort at such an early age that the impact of of velocity is almost lost. It is as if you have become a different species to that of our generation. In some ways it is this change in human perception that lies at the heart of the namke of our new machine, the Phantom EG (Erasmus' Gamble). We are gambling that it is possible to recapture that thrill of the sensation of first speed, and be transported by it across both time and space."
2010 Phantom EG Classic

2010 Phantom EG - General Specifications
USA MSRP: Custom Prices


750cc capacity

Two cylinders

Air cooled

"Sneezer Ulysses" fuel atomiser with grip throttle control

Magneto Ignition

Internal, mechanically-powered automatic oil pump


Four speed sequential

Hand Shift

Hand Clutch


Front -- Phantom's "Integrated Speed Retarding" (ISR) system

Rear -- Phantom's "Integrated Speed Retarding" (ISR) system


Phantom original double-butted diamond frame

Solid rear suspension with leafe-supported Messenger saddle

Phantom "Bladraulic" forks

Wheels 21" x 3.5"

Brooklands handlebars