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2010 Norton Motorcycle The NRV588 Road

Norton NRV588 Road
The Norton NRV 588cc Rotary engine has been a great success for Norton throughout its years, and due to its success, Norton have now started to develop the race engine from 588cc to 700cc. Although the 588cc engine is quick and powerful, there are great expectations for the new 700cc rotary engine. As Team develop the engine and evaluate it's potential, Team will make a further announcement to inform you if the bike will be limited to our works race team or if it will be made available into a road going bike, Norton expect to know more later this year.

2010 Norton NRV588 Road - UK Specifications
MSRP: £11,995

This NRV-588 has an advanced, up-to-date technical specification using computers to control all operations, but the general configuration is as follows:

- 588cc twin-rotor Wankel type
- Fuel injected, direct spray into both bell mouths
- Fully variable intake tract to peak maximum torque between 8000-11,000rpm
- Electric water pump
" Ducted fan air cooling for rotors
" Fly-by-wire throttle

" Projected at 170 BHP @ 11,500 RPM
" Max torque 80 Ibs ft, at variable rpm

Twin spar aluminium, by Spondon

Front Suspension
Ohlins upside-down fork

Rear Suspension
Ohlins specially made long-stroke single-sided direct connection unit

AP Discs with radial mounted front callipers and rear 2 piston brake calliper.

Dymag 16.5in


130kg (dry)